Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Plan B Journal

What I consider the most important environmental concern would be Climate Change and the Energy Transition section of Plan B 4.0. I think this issue is important because the earth’s temperature is rising and it is reshaping the earth’s ecology and geography such as declining oil production and causing agriculture to be out of sync. The best way to work towards a sustainable solution as an individual as well as a society would be to stabilize the climate and in order to do so we need to stabilize the population, eradicate poverty and restore the earth’s natural systems. Sustainability plays a role in the solution since Plan B is not based on what we have done in the past but what we need to do for the future; and yes, these solutions are taxing yet we have gotten into this mess so it is our responsibility to get ourselves out. In other countries, such as China, cancer is now the leading source of death due to a growing concern of coal and air pollution. The air is so bad over in China that locals have to wear masks to avoid breathing in the toxins in addition to black lung disease and birth defects is very common. The cold reality is that China is becoming richer and sicker.

Where I would want to live if I had a choice would be in the city of Dubai. I like living in warm climate weather all year around and I believe that Dubai would be a great opportunity for me in terms of experiences, cultural diversity and employment. I feel that living in an environment like Dubai will allow me to enjoy an outdoor-centric lifestyle and not have to rely on indoor air conditioning as much as the average household would. Also, since Dubai is such a populated city that public transportation is very common so this will save me on gas and the environment from consuming oil. Dubai is full of activities, events, services and facilities that I would be constantly out and about; thereby, diminishing my use of resources within my home and as a result contributing to sustainability. Some barriers I may come across to living this way would be the expense of living in such a high quality city as well as sacrificing comfort to live in such a populated city. Still, I plan to overcome these barriers by working hard in the job that I have now and saving as much as I can. Furthermore, getting around Dubai is challenging as well as potentially dangerous so I might try to find a place to live right outside the city so that I can avoid any hazardous accidents or stressful situations.

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