Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Land Remembered Journal

I chose the character Tobias. He became rich after cattle herding and later an orange grove which was very helpful for the environment. However, after the ‘skeeters’ attacked him. Miami Billie, an Indian medicine man, temporarily healed him. Tobias eventually died from being too weak from the cold to fight malaria. Before he died he tried his hardest to save the orange groves which means he truly cared about the environment. He didn’t want the oranges to freeze. We can tell that Tobias had sense of place in his orange groves. He felt safe there and felt responsible for them. Even in his last moments he fought to save his orange groves from freezing.
The legacy he left behind is that you have to fight your hardest to save the environment and sometimes go out of your comfort zone to help make a difference. I selected this character because I liked that he was wealthy but also selfless. He valued his orange groves more than the profits that he got form them. He did it for the fact that the orange groves were beneficial to the environment. I also like how passionate he is. He is so passionate that he continues to care even when his death is slowly approaching from the malaria. I admire his perseverance and passion and I think that is something that we all need to have. We need to gain passion for the environment and find ways to take that passion and mold it into something beneficial. The future generations were thanking us if we start acting now. It’s time to start getting passionate and stop being selfish.

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