Saturday, June 13, 2015

ECHO farm journal

My experience of the ECHO farm was probably the best so for during my time in this course. Being in that kind of environment made me feel relaxed, peaceful, and stress free. I learned A LOT about sustainability. I learned that we are not sustainable enough. One thing I learned is the many different ways we could all be living life differently and making big changes to help influence the world in positive ways. I was shocked to see that people actually lived the way they do in the ECHO farm, and don’t complain, and pull it off. That’s their sense of place; it makes me want to find my sense of place that much more. The plants we saw were the bananas, the orange tree, and the walnut tree. My favorite was the banana plant. Bananas are my favorites and I’ve never seen them actually being grown like that so that was awesome. The one thing that would apply to my own life is that I actually really enjoy gardening and growing foods such as tomatoes, and carrots at home. It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing since I was a child and being there made me want to start doing that again. Below is my favorite part of the trip! (The place they grew the herbs):

               Organizations like this are important to the world because they are there to make a difference and to stimulate the beginning of people joining in to help fight for the same cause and protect this planet. One example of adaptive technology that I saw at the ECHO farm was the water pump they used to pump fresh water. That was so interesting. It made me wonder why people go to the gym when they could just pump water as a workout WHILE saving the earth at the same time. When I was younger, my mom would set aside a day a week to hang out with my sister and me. My parents were not really around because they worked a lot. On the days I spent with my mom we would go shopping, cook, bake etc. However, my favorite memories were when we would garden in the backyard. She taught me so much about gardening. It’s weird for me to talk about things like that because they kind of made me who I am today.
I think if I had to start finding my own food, like many people do around the world, (I’m very fortunate and grateful); I would definitely struggle. I would probably loose weight and become dependent on others. I admire people who can find their own food without going to a restaurant or a grocery store. I wish I had the ability. I want to start reducing my footprint on this planet and find ways, with my friends, to start growing food at home, and eating smaller portions. Americans eat way too much and I’m guilty of that as well.

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